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Helping businesses with the transition to a low carbon, net zero economy, delivering wider ESG value.

At Flotilla we combine technology, science-based intellect and expertise to equip businesses with end-to-end solutions that enable them to develop, execute and measure a sustainable strategy that not only makes a difference but makes commercial sense too.

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Measure & Understand iconMeasure & Understand

Simplify the complex with the Flotilla ESG tech platform, which seamlessly connects into your existing business infrastructure to automate the data collections process. Our robust carbon reporting provides actionable and evidence driven insight that gives both high and granular visibility over every aspect of carbon usage within your business.


Net Zero/ ESG Planning & Reporting iconNet Zero/ ESG Planning & Reporting

Gain momentum from the outset with an actionable and tailored Net Zero/ESG Plan, which includes science-based, commercially-sound and validated targets. Create evidence of progress and shareholder value with compelling and credible communications and reporting to all stakeholder audiences.

Engage & Inspire iconEngage & Inspire

Unite and empower your people to drive your sustainable agenda. Empower employees with a shared vision and purpose that drives positive change from within. Inspire a green cultural shift, strengthening your employer brand and helping attract and retain the best talent.

Comply with Regulations & Compliance iconComply with Regulations & Compliance

Progress with confidence and comply with all major ESG compliance and regulations and importantly, remain up to date as they develop and adapt. This covers everything from GHG Protocol, SFDR, EDCI to the new Public Procurement Notice 06/21.  Be assured that your Net Zero Plan and actions stand up to scrutiny and protect you from any danger of greenwashing.


Turn data into action! Our intelligent automation is easy to onboard, simple to embed in your business ecosystem and affordable, providing you with a full service, data-led and robust platform you can trust. Access intuitive and easy-to-interpret ESG data directly or export for improved communication with stakeholders.

The Flotilla tech platform and solutions have been designed with the support of leading academic and climate institutions, including the world renowned, Priestley International Centre for Climate, for the underserved SMEs, entrepreneurs, business owners and financial and professional services community.

With a combination of top-tier science-based intellect, expert consulting and a leading intuitive tech platform, Flotilla stands out in its ability to provide end-to-end sustainability solutions to navigate risk and unlock value and opportunities for our clients and wider stakeholders.


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Measure & Report

Our tech-enabled Net Zero Platform integrates seamlessly with your business systems and reports on all the key information you need to understand your carbon impact. The Flotilla Carbon Report builds a baseline carbon footprint for your business, providing actionable, evidence-driven insight at both high and granular levels.

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How it works

Net Zero Planning

We’ll help you develop and prioritise an authentic, actionable and tailored Net Zero Plan for you to follow, including science-based, commercially-sound and credible targets that stand up to scrutiny and protect you from any danger of greenwashing, an Action Dashboard with clearly signposted deliverables assigned to departments and prioritised in importance, and progress trackers to capture your momentum and outline next steps.

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Act & Support

To help you navigate the world of sustainability in business, we’ve created Flotilla World. Offering credible industry insight, reliable resources and training tools for you and your team, this exclusive engagement hub is a one stop shop for you and your colleagues to access at any time. It has everything you need to Measure, Plan, Act, Engage and Learn; from how to implement schemes and initiatives, how to get your people on board and how to showcase your success along the way. Upskill your workforce with exclusive access to the Flotilla Climate School, gain priority access to pre approved and trusted partners and invest in high quality, trusted carbon offsets.

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How it works

Inspire & Engage

Unite and empower every team member with a shared vision and purpose. When it comes to truly becoming a green business, it’s all about your people. With a robust engagement process in place, your workforce will become the driving force behind your Net Zero strategy. We’ll help you build a green culture, foster a collaborative community and drive positive change from within.

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Countless business benefits

There’s no better reward for reducing your carbon footprint than making a positive impact on our world. However, the benefits of working with Flotilla don’t stop there….

Attract new customers
Reduce costs, increasing profit
Secure the best talent
Operate with purpose and authenticity
Generate investment
Manage risk and act responsibly
Create a legacy to be proud of
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