PPN06/21 is not intended to exclude businesses who rely on public sector contracts but rather aims to encourage and incentivise them to reduce their carbon footprint in order to tackle the government’s scope 3 emissions. Flotilla is determined to turn panic and confusion about the legislation change into a positive opportunity to educate public sector suppliers and accelerate their net zero contributions.

Flotilla’s partnership and process are designed to future-proof clients against climate legislation changes before they occur. With solutions such as carbon accounting, net zero planning and employee engagement, all the tools and services offered by Flotilla are designed to equip clients with everything they need to identify and implement simple steps to a more sustainable future.

Charlotte Hallowell, Flotilla Carbon Accountant said: “We have advised and supported numerous clients in developing Carbon Reduction Plans and achieving compliance with PPN 06/21. Many businesses are unaware of the necessity for PPN 06/21 compliance until they are in the process of tendering or re-tendering. Consequently, they often seek our assistance to ensure they can continue to bid and win work, sometimes on very tight timescales. Our expertise allows us to swiftly and efficiently facilitate this process, including the foundational work required for a comprehensive Carbon Reduction Plan”

Hatmill, a supply chain and logistics consultancy, initially partnered with Flotilla to support and advance their net zero objectives. Recently, they engaged Flotilla to assist them in achieving compliance with PPN 06/21.

“Our PPN 06/21 Compliance Report, in collaboration with sustainability experts Flotilla, has been a crucial step in the way we understand our carbon impact. By establishing a baseline of operational emissions and setting achievable reduction targets, Hatmill is taking proactive steps towards sustainability. With a focus on reducing business travel emissions, our comprehensive report provides actionable insights to drive meaningful change and align with environmental goals.” Aaron Thomas, Hatmill