Flotilla is already working with several insurance brokers, including AllClear Travel Insurance and JMG Group. AllClear started working with Flotilla earlier this year to calculate the company’s carbon footprint and will soon be in a position to unveil its net zero strategy.

AllClear’s Head of Corporate Affairs Garry Nelson is part of the senior team leading on the implementation of the company’s ESG strategy. He says: “As is the case in many sectors, the big players in the insurance industry are leading the charge on sustainability, and their focus is inevitably on addressing the issues that matter most to clients.

“This leaves many smaller companies asking themselves ‘what can I do?’ and ‘where do I start?’. Based on our experience so far at AllClear, I’d say to other insurance companies that because our industry is so strictly regulated, you are probably further along on your ESG journey than you think.”

“I would also say that when it comes to environmental sustainability, business size isn’t important. There are things we can all do – from big corporates making big changes to small high street brokers taking action at a local level – which will have a positive impact.”

“Working with Flotilla enables insurance companies to see what their carbon footprint looks like now, helps them establish where they want it to be, and supports them through a realistic plan for getting there. It will make a big difference to many businesses in our sector.”

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