Eco fin-tech, Tred, has launched the UK’s first green debit card which helps people fight climate change. Founded by Peter Kirby and Will Smith in 20XX, the company’s innovative tech helps in the donation of money to reforestation projects across the world, whilst helping consumers to see what the impact of their spending is on carbon emissions. In 20XX the company was also certified as a B Corporation – meaning it meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

Founded in 2019, Flotilla supports businesses in reaching their net zero ambitions. It’s end-to-end tech-based solutions enables businesses to unlock carbon accounting and take an honest look at their emissions; increase employee engagement to drive a green culture from within; access sustainable supply chains and make wise data-led decisions to work towards carbon neutrality and ultimately net zero.

Talking about the event, Flotilla CEO John Rastrick, said:

“We’re at a critical juncture in the fight against Climate Change – the next 10 years will be pivotal – but we also recongnise the challenge feels daunting, particularly in today’s uncertain world. At Flotilla, we embed purpose into everything we do. With the right sustainable tech in place, we believe businesses can not only survive in a greener economy but thrive in it. By spending time with the local business community this morning, we hope we’ve shown them that by taking simple but impactful climate action, businesses can deliver an authentic sustainable strategy that not only makes a difference but makes commercial sense too. It’s a great opportunity to create a legacy we are all proud of.”

Peter Kirby, co-founder of Tred, added:

“Tred is an organisation that has sustainability at its very core. We’re delighted to have been invited to this event by xDesign, and have used it as an opportunity to show other businesses what they can do for the planet when armed with the right tech. As a business, we’re living proof that you can still grow as an organisation whilst prioritising the planet for your consumers in a non-intrusive way. We hope that we’ve supplied delegates today with the information they need to not only think but act on their own green and sustainable ambitions.”

As part of the event, xDesign Engineering Manager, Ryan Michael talked to the audience about the ways coding can have a detrimental impact on the environment and shared tips for how technologists can mitigate them.