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Simple & Impactful ESG Solutions

With the right tools, support and knowledge, your business will not only survive in a greener economy; it will thrive!

Every organisation we work with is in a different place on their ESG/net zero journey, some more established and others just setting out. Our suite of products can be used as standalone applications or as steps in a process designed to guide you every step of the way towards net zero and beyond.

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Our suite of solutions for sustainability include:

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ESG Health Check

New regulations, along with customer and shareholder demands, are calling for new levels of corporate accountability and disclosure on ESG metrics and practices. Flotilla’s ESG Health Check has been developed to enable a flexible solution to building a full ESG disclosure and reporting strategy that fits your business. Our team of specialists, supported by our proprietary technology and processes simplify ESG reporting, ensuring credibility in this area of ever-growing importance.

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Carbon Reporting

Create reports to help you understand your carbon impact, monitor it, and measure your success. Our tech platform is designed to integrate with your existing business processes, providing both high level and granular visibility over every aspect of carbon usage within your business.

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Net Zero & ESG Planning

Using the ESG Health Check and Carbon Report as a roadmap, we’ll work with key stakeholders in your business to plot out and prioritise an authentic, actionable and tailored plan for you and your team to follow. 

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Flotilla Tech Platform

To help you navigate the world of sustainability in business, we’ve created the Flotilla World tech platform, offering data collection and reporting, action planning, credible industry insight, reliable resources and training tools for you and your team. It has everything you need to Measure, Plan, Act, Engage and Learn; from how to implement schemes and initiatives, how to get your people on board and how to report and showcase your success along the way.


Reporting What Matters image
Reporting What Matters

Reporting to stakeholders in a transparent and public manner is fundamental to businesses committed to sustainability. Summarise and contextualise your ESG/net zero performance and progress with a selection of reports from Commitment Statements to Route to Net Zero to full ESG Responsible Business Reports. Be confident and compelling in your ESG/net zero narrative supported by high-quality data and industry expertise, underpinned by solid methodology.

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Private Equity Expertise

With in-house Private Equity expertise, we work with Funders and Asset Managers to develop and implement purpose led growth strategies. Our solutions are driven by our in-depth understanding of Private Equity markets and prevalent ESG risks and opportunities for GPs and LPs. With the Flotilla tech platform you can drill down into the data according to site, asset class, fund type or portfolio company so you can identify achievable improvement opportunities and turn data into action.

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Sector Solutions

Flotilla helps businesses across a range of sectors to track metrics and evidence progress, providing actionable insights to help drive real improvement. Our tech platform is automatically updated in line with new regulations, so you can rest assured that you’ll always be compliant with current legislation. We work with Asset Managers, Private Equity firms, Tech Innovators, Healthcare and Education Providers and Professional Services firms including Accountants, Insurers, Law firms, Architects, Chartered Surveyors and Consultancy firms.

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Employee Engagement

Motivate and empower your employees to drive your sustainable agenda (and theirs!). We’ll help you unite every team member with a shared vision and purpose. Knowing how to engage your employees will create a green culture that drives positive change from within, strengthening your employer brand and helping attract and retain the best talent.

AI You Can Trust image
AI You Can Trust

In a world flooded with information, navigating sustainable research and material can be daunting. The Flotilla AI tool has been designed to provide you with credible, up-to-date intelligence and data that you can download and use with confidence. Developed within our tech platform, it blends content from our in-house expertise, science-based consultancy, and a curated selection of trusted websites.

Flotilla Climate Academy image
Flotilla Climate Academy

Every job is a climate job! With exclusive access to the Flotilla Climate Academy which includes 100s of online training modules and webinars, we’ll help you to upskill and train your people to support you on the journey to net zero and beyond.

Quality Approved Offsetting Schemes image
Quality Approved Offsetting Schemes

Make an instant positive impact with carbon neutrality while you work towards net zero and mitigate the emissions you can’t avoid. We’ll help you take immediate actions to reduce your business’ impact on the environment. We validate our offset suppliers and ensure the carbon you offset is registered in your name to avoid the risk of miss-selling or greenwashing.

Industry Expertise + Intelligent Tech image
Industry Expertise + Intelligent Tech

We are so proud of our brilliant team! With a combination of top-tier science-based intellect, expert consulting and a leading intuitive tech platform, Flotilla stands out in its ability to provide end-to-end sustainability solutions to navigate risk and unlock value and opportunities for our clients and wider stakeholders.

Sustainable Partners

From energy brokers and reduction specialists, EV providers, green tech suppliers and building management systems to lower carbon transport initiatives and tree planting days for your teams, you can gain priority access to pre-approved trusted partners for a range of requirements. From the growing green marketplace, we’ve selected partners with outstanding service and integrity to make sourcing partners faster and simpler. What’s more, as part of the Flotilla family, you’ll also benefit from preferential product packages and service offerings, to use at your discretion.

Big Clean Switch has been helping British businesses make the switch to cheap green energy since 2016. Their team of experts take pride in offering jargon-free advice and helping you avoid suppliers’ hidden costs.

Big Clean Switch

We want to encourage greater knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the natural world. We want people to share in the beauty of the wild spaces we’re creating. We offer carbon offsetting through tree planting and provide a range of employee engagement activities at our sites. Proceeds are re-invested in our nature reserve projects.

Make It Wild

Astutis industry leaders in workplace health, safety and environmental training. We enable and empower learners to advance their knowledge and skillset in order to progress in their careers and positively impact their workplaces. Flotilla have teamed up with Astutis to provide accredited IEMA courses to clients!


Flotilla have teamed up with AXA Climate School to provide clients with over 150 micro learning chapters over 17 courses, all of which help upskill their teams and support employees with their sustainability and climate knowledge enhancement.

AXA Climate School

Lightfoot will help you keep your fleet safe and compliant, limit dangerous driving, reduce accident rates, and minimise driver risk. No matter what your fleet goals are, Lightfoot’s all-in-one fleet management platform will provide you with the tools to succeed.


Climate change is the biggest threat facing the world. We need to act fast. Electricity generation is the world’s biggest source of damaging CO2. By enabling a new renewable energy project to be built, you can make a big, lasting, climate impact.

With Ripple you can feel proud to be one of thousands helping create a better, greener future for generations to come.

Ripple Energy

Improving air quality. Reducing carbon emissions. Delivering joy.
We’re on a mission to help drivers discover electric cars and make it easy and affordable to make the switch.

The whole EV package
We believe the eco choice should be the easy choice. That’s why we’re making it easier than ever for drivers to switch to an EV by providing the whole EV package to our drivers.

Octopus EV

Cloverly empowers both the businesses that buy and the businesses that supply carbon removals and credits by providing trust, access, and ease to scale meaningful impact.


Talio Electric Bikes is at the forefront of the sustainable transportation revolution. Talio provides programs designed to engage employees in a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle and easily access high-quality electric bikes through affordable and convenient financing options, while helping businesses reduce their carbon emissions by decarbonising employee commuting.


Energy Efficiency Solutions for Your Server Estate. Saving you energy, carbon and cost. Sustainable IT starts with Interact. Interact offers consultancy solutions to drive digital transformation strategies. We use our server energy efficiency grading scale (for any server configuration of any make, model or generation) as a jumping off point for our recommendations focused on energy, carbon and cost.


Climate Perks is an employer benefits scheme where staff receive paid ‘journey days’ to choose low-carbon holiday travel instead of flying.

Climate Perks

We specialise in supporting our residential, commercial, and public sector clients transition from traditional fuels and technology to clean energy and low carbon systems in a holistic way. Every journey starts with one step.

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What our Clients say about us

Our work is defined by the positive impact it’s driving for clients and the planet and people they depend upon.

We work with Asset Managers, Private Equity firms, Tech Innovators, Healthcare and Education Providers, Insurance Institutions, Financial Services, and Professional Services firms including Accountants; Architects, Chartered Surveyors and Consultancy firms.

“Joining forces with Flotilla has enabled AllClear and InsureandGo to develop an authentic and ambitious but realistic Net Zero strategy. We believe our strategy will not only demonstrate credibility and transparency but provide a competitive advantage too.”

AllClear Insurance

“Wealthify’s new sustainability strategy provides a strong, engaging and unified vision; a great springboard for developing further targets as we begin to report on an annual basis, measuring our progress and sharing our success.”


“In our first year of working with Flotilla we have found the data and analysis they have provided us with incredibly useful. It has given us a variety of opportunities and options for us to implement some changes and make an impact going forward. Having a robust Net Zero strategy is the right thing to do, for the environment, for our business, for our employees and for our clients.

Clarion Solicitors


Can you recommend sustainable partners?

Whether its EV providers or solar specialists, you can gain priority access to pre-approved trusted parntners for a range of requirements. From the growing green marketplace, we’ve selected partners with outstanding service and integrity to make sourcing suppliers faster and simpler. What’s more, as part of the Flotilla family, you’ll also benefit from preferential product packages and service offerings, to use at your discretion.

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is an estimate of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by a business or person in a given year, as a result of their activities. Different greenhouse gases have different potency levels, but as the most common greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, we often refer to emissions as ‘carbon’ for short, abbreviated as ‘Co2e’ (carbon dioxide equivalents). Climate change refers to the long-term shift in temperatures and weather patterns, brought on my human activities, predominantly the burning of fossil fuels which releases greenhouse gases in excess of pre-industrial levels. By measuring Co2e, we are able to advise where your business is having its greatest impact, which helps us to guide you to create your Net Zero Plan.

What are scope emissions 1, 2 & 3?

Emissions are broken down into three categories by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol:

Scope 1: All Direct emissions from the activities of an organisation or under their control. Emissions include the burning of fossil fuels for heating (gas, oil, coal, wood etc), tailgate emissions from company vehicles and leaks from air-conditioning units.

Scope 2: Indirect emissions from electricity purchased and used by the organisation. Emissions are created during the generation of the energy and used by the organisation.

Scope 3: All other indirect emissions from activities of the organisation via sources that they do not own or control. These cover emissions associated with business travel, employee commuting, procurement, waste and water.

Scope 3 emissions are much more difficult to measure than Scope 1 and 2, but they often account for over 80% of a organisation’s carbon footprint. Flotilla look to measure as much of Scope 3 as possible, as well as Scopes 1 and 2.

What is Flotilla's Net Zero Platform based on?

The Flotilla Net Zero Platform calculation is based on over 1000 conversion factors from multiple sources of government and academic data, follows the GHG Protocol, and is fully SECR compliant. Our data sets and methodology have been endorsed by leading climate scientist Professor Piers Forster and his team from the Priestley International Centre for Climate. We align our carbon reduction goals with science-based targets, which enable your business to adhere to the Paris Agreement target of limiting global warming to within 1.5 degrees, and therefore significantly reduce the risks and impact of climate change.

Why is employee engagement so important?

The journey to Net Zero isn’t something you can effectively delegate to one employee and forget about; to effectively measure, monitor and reduce, you need to get your team on board. With the right engagement strategy, you can turn your workforce in the driving force behind your green machine!

How much does the Flotilla Net Zero Platform cost?

Our pricing is specific to each client, and is based on the turnover of your organisation, the number of employees and the number of sites. Flotilla’s aim is to guide you on your journey to net zero, and work with you throughout this process. For this reason, our pricing is on a monthly subscription basis, as we provide ongoing tracking reports which become embedded into your existing management reporting process, thereby allowing you to track progress on your journey to net zero.  Post onboarding, our SaaS fee starts from £595pm.  Get in touch for a free no obligation quote.

What role does offsetting play in Net Zero?

Net Zero will require rapid decarbonisation and, therefore, companies should look to set a science-based target for emissions reduction as part of its Net Zero strategy. Having these targets in place mean businesses can demonstrate a credible commitment to reducing emissions as part of their Net Zero strategy.

Unfortunately, we are not going to all be Net Zero tomorrow and eliminating all emissions is going to be difficult, particularly in the short term. We can, however, demonstrate that we are taking every action possible today to take responsibility for our impact.

This is where offsetting can play a vital role in the transition to Net Zero. Following the principles of the Science Based Target’s Net Zero Standard businesses are required to achieve full emissions reductions of 90-95% of emissions and offset the remaining 5-10% via projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. Investment in projects to support future carbon removal is required, at scale, for businesses to claim Net Zero in their target year.  In addition, while progressing towards achieving this, Flotilla encourages its customers to invest in international carbon offsetting projects that contribute towards global carbon neutrality such as rainforest protection and peat bog preservation in the Amazon.

What are Carbon Offset Credits?

Carbon offset credits allows your business to invest in climate solutions outside of your value chain. One carbon credit represents one tonne of CO2 removed or prevented from entering the atmosphere. Buying a carbon offset credit means investing in projects that have a positive impact on the environment.  Once you’ve bought a carbon offset credit, no one else can purchase it. This is to make sure your investment goes straight to a certified project and the credit cannot be counted again by being sold more than once.