Flotilla World Advisory Hub

The Flotilla World Advisory Hub provides a wealth of information including a knowledge base and articles. The Flotilla world hub content is designed to equip organisations with the tools it needs to increase the Carbon literacy of the team, manage governance, act on their Carbon footprint and understand the importance, relevance and benefits of starting your journey to Net Zero. ​

AXA climate School 

Developed in conjunction with AXA, The Flotilla Climate School has been developed to engage, educate and upskill employees to support your transition to Net Zero. it is a fully experiential online learning hub, made up of 150+ interactive videos where employees are encouraged to participate. The platform contains fresh content and videos are constantly being uploaded to ensure you and your team have the very latest learning expertise to broaden their sustainability knowledge and credentials. The climate school provides a baseline of climate literacy for all employees, enabling them to understand and articulate their company’s climate goals and know what action to take in the context of their job.

Formal IEMA Qualifications 

IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) is the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability. These qualifications have gained global recognition within the environmental management and sustainability field, making them highly regarded by employers, professional bodies, and practitioners in various countries. The IEMA commitment is to support, encourage and improve the confidence and performance of all professionals, helping them to enhance their profile and recognition. IEMA’s belief is that together we can change perceptions and attitudes about the relevance and vital importance of sustainability as a progressive force for good.