The benefits of attending 

  • Network with like-minded individuals all committed to making a difference  
  • Gain insights and learn the initiatives to build a greener business  
  • Grow your entrepreneurial mind to the possibilities in sustainability for your business    
  • Be inspired by the trailblazers who have paved the way in sustainability 
  • Tackle hard hitting home truths on why we need to act now  
  • Make a pledge to do the right thing for our planet 


Talking the talk AND walking the walk 

Let’s face it, events are usually haunted by their carbon emissions and given a bad rep because of it, regardless of the great work and collaboration they can bring. That’s why we address the elephant in the room and are committed to the below: 

  • We will be tracking and offsetting all of the carbon associated with YSW, to make the week carbon neutral  
  • Events organised by YSW will be vegan led 
  • We are keeping back 20% of all tickets to the core YSW events for ‘Pay it Forward’ tickets – no questions asked, if someone wants to attend and can’t afford the ticket price, they’ll be able to enter a ballot & we’ll allocate as many tickets as possible. You can register for a pay it forward ticket here. 
  • We’re keeping printed items to a minimum and wherever possible will use recycled products or items with a dual purpose 


For more information, please visit the website or LinkedIn: 

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