Meaningful collaboration

Says Helen Neave, “Everything we do is facilitated by partners, including Flotilla. We make many meaningful connections through our partners and we reinvest any profits to help create a legacy, to create the ancient forests of the future.”

Flotilla works with Make it Wild on a range of nature-based projects including tree planting and landscape restoration. Through rewilding, adding freshwater ponds, installing bird and animal habitat boxes and restoring wetlands and wildflower meadows, Make it Wild creates environments where biodiversity can thrive. It’s one of the ways Flotilla helps its clients to take steps towards a greener future and to improve their connection with nature.

Flotilla calculates its clients’ carbon footprints, looking at their utilities, transport and supply chain emissions, and then Make it Wild recommends and facilitates projects which help businesses make a financial contribution towards projects that benefit nature and carbon capture.

On the additional benefits working with Make it Wild brings Caroline Linford, Flotilla’s sustainability manager, says: “Being in nature has proven health and wellbeing benefits and we see how important this area is for the businesses we work with. By connecting employees with nature, businesses are not only working towards reducing their carbon impact but are also helping the wellbeing of their employees whilst improving employee engagement.

“Helen, Christopher and their team at Make it Wild are a pleasure to work with. Like us, they are passionate about making a difference and that is evident in every project they undertake. Partnering with them, we are helping to contribute to biodiversity and create natural habitats where wildlife can thrive.”