Understanding the definitions 

Carbon emissions – 7 different gases – 3 scopes for reporting. 

Carbon Neutral  

  • Counterbalance emissions with international carbon offset projects.  
  • Any company can quickly achieve ‘Carbon neutrality’ through purchasing carbon offset credits  

Net Zero  

Net Zero is a target set by businesses and countries with the aim of limiting global temperature rises to 1.5c, targets set by the IPCC and held in law by the UK Government.  

  • Net Zero will require deep, rapid emission cuts, ideally halving emissions by 2030 and at least 90% in their net zero year – no later than 2050. 

We avoid greenwashing by  

  • Measuring Scopes 1, 2 AND 3; all gases  
  • Pledging Net Zero by 2050 (or before) in line with Science-Based Targets  
  • Developing a robust emissions reduction plan  
  • Continually monitoring progress against plan  
  • Carbon Neutrality annually via accredited international offset schemes 


Why is it relevant? 

Many global funds are adapting their model to:  

  • Prioritise embedding sustainability to inform investment decision making 
  • Secondly, raising specialist Impact Funds to focus exclusively on this huge market opportunity. 

According to a recent report issued by PwC, Private market ESG assets are expected to skyrocket up to €1.2tn in Europe by 2025 – accounting for between 27.2% and 42.4% of the entire private market industry’s assets. 

The fear of implementing your Net Zero Plan is a lot worse than the reality.  


  • Educate the key leadership team – the cultural change starts here.  
  • Lead by example – ensure good governance and allocate ownership of key impact areas.
  • Remember you will be looking to reduce your carbon footprint by only c.5-7% pa  
  • It is achievable with support, for all size businesses – and should be a win/win  
  • This is an ongoing project – use MI and embed in your Business Plans  
  • Use data to articulate your plans and achievements to the wider market  
  • Ensure you use all the tools and partners at your disposal. They can lighten the load, build success more quickly and save you cost.  


You’re building a legacy to be proud of and will enhance your business’ value.