Make it Wild are a Yorkshire-based company that provides a range of services from rewilding to carbon offsetting and much more.

They highlight the impact that humans are having on every other species – plant and animal. Acknowledging that the rapidly growing population has meant we have grabbed more and more of the land for ourselves; land for growing food and for places to live and work. Worse still we have polluted and degraded the land and oceans. Even the climate is changing due to human impact.

They decided that instead of just worrying about it, we should do our bit to change this by creating a bit more wild space. More trees, more meadows, more ponds. Once there is a place for wildlife, it arrives!

The work they carry out with businesses like SMR Architects helps them to achieve their mission: It’s not our aim to protect nature, it’s our purpose.

Following employee engagement last year, to show clients their own intent, and simply because it’s the right thing to do, SMR has worked closely with Flotilla an independent sustainable consultant firstly to become Carbon Neutral but also in the last couple of months to shape their Carbon Reduction Plan with the ambitious target of being Net Zero by 2030. Working with Make it Wild to plant trees in the land between York and Harrogate has allowed SMR to get their employees engaged and participate in a fun day out while creating new spaces for wildlife and nature to thrive.

Caroline Linford, our Sustainability Manager, is working with SMR Architects to help the business set and reach its net zero goals. Caroline says, “The work that SMR Architects is doing with Make it Wild shows how committed the business is to reducing its impact on the environment. Through our work with SMR Architects, the team has clear objectives to help reduce its carbon footprint and, through initiatives like Make it Wild, is making giant steps forward in its journey towards becoming a carbon zero business.”